Well-Being Crisis Response

The Power of Community Agency

Experience teaches us that local action is what is effective and sustainable; in fact, it is dependent upon your leadership. While we cannot always avoid crises, we can prepare for them. In times when crises take us by surprise, we can always choose how to respond–to react, or to take active steps toward community transformation. It is to that end that we, as a health system, are bringing resources, facilitating conversations and providing encouragement to not only get us through the crisis at hand–but to prepare us for any in the future. Now is the time to learn, exercise community agency and strengthen our community partnerships. 


As we rise to the complex and immediate challenges presented by COVID-19, the importance of the work of Community Well-Being becomes ever clearer. While our clinical colleagues literally battle on the front lines, and our entire organization is focused on the immediate challenges as they present,  the Community Well-Being team has outlined an initial set of actions–a Crisis Response Plan–early in this pandemic that are rooted in our unwavering commitment to measurably and sustainably improve community well-being. As experts analyze the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on our society, they predict that the most significant and lasting impacts will be in the area of social determinants of health.


Our goal is to provide an organized structure for supporting you, along with additional resources and support for meaningful projects in as rapid and streamlined manner as possible. You are our community experts, and by facilitating your effectiveness, together we can best live our mission to our communities. To accelerate your ability to be responsive to the needs of your community, we are extending two specific opportunities that we hope will provide additional resources to support your rapid response, innovation and to strengthen your relationships with community partners. 

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Adventist Health

Community Strength Fund

A grant program to support up to two community-based nonprofit partners of your choice during this crisis. 

Adventist Health

Catalyst Fund

Additional funding support for Community Integration programs being initiated or expanding in light of COVID-19.

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We’re Here to Support You

We are available to help you effectively implement the Community Strength Fund and Catalyst Fund systems and processes. Contact us below!

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