Adventist Health Well-Being Division 

Who We Are

We are a well-being partner

How We Are Different 

…that innovates and activates evidence-informed transformations for individuals, organizations and communities…

Why it Matters

…to empower everyone, everywhere to live longer, better.

Adventist Health’s commitment to improve well-being not only grew out of our mission to live God’s love, but also from the needs we see in communities across our system of 23 hospitals. Diseases of despair including mental health, substance abuse, suicide and chronic illness continue to escalate.  

America leads the world in medical research and medical care, and for all we spend on health care, we should be the healthiest people on Earth. Yet on some of the most important indicators, like how long we live, are areas where we don’t make the top 25.   

It’s time for America to be the leader of health again. This means that we stop thinking of health as something we get at the doctor’s office and rather as something that starts in our families, schools, churches and workplaces—in our playgrounds, parks, and in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. The more we see the problem of health in this way, the more opportunities we have to improve it. The conditions in which we live, work and play have an enormous impact on our health long before we ever see a doctor—these are the principles of well-being.  

A key aspect of our strategy to support individual, organizational and community well-being is our relationship with Blue Zones®, a pioneer in taking a systemic and environmental approach to improving the well-being of entire cities and communities. Together, we have built the Well-Being Division, aentity within our organization that exists to empower everyone, everywhere to live longer, better lives.  

Well-Being Division Purpose

To design, leverage and demonstrate evidence-informed solutions that measurably
and sustainably improve:

individual, organizational and community well-being.

Our Calling

To empower everyone, everywhere to live longer, better

Our Vision

To see a time when well-being is accessible to everyone

Our Value

Better performance and more good years