Pioneer Project

Our communities are facing pervasive need–diseases of despair and chronic illness– and trying to find a single solution to address multiple root causes can start to feel like a revolving door. Breaking this cycle means developing a strategic plan to address upstream factors and the structures enabling those problems to persist.

As a non-profit integrated health system, Adventist Health is designing solutions to support intentional and strategic investment of Community Benefit resources across our footprint. Testing a process designed to scale community well-being throughout a large healthcare system–known as the Pioneer Project–we are innovating the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Community Health Plan processes to drive measurable and sustainable improvement in social determinants of health and well-being.

“We believe the power of community transformation lies in the hands of
the community.”

The Pioneer Project is a program designed to implement an eight-step process for scaling community well-being throughout a large healthcare system. This eight-step process encompasses:
  1. Defining community well-being
  2. Convening a team
  3. Understanding the current needs of the community
  4. Organizing a game plan
  5. Innovating interventions
  6. Engaging the community
  7. Evaluating success
  8. Accomplishing a scalable solution


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