We like to say that “we build the plane as we fly it”. Community Well-Being is an ever-evolving body of work that requires us to roll up our sleeves and get dirty. As a system, our team is constantly testing and evaluating the best ways to develop community well-being. We’re coming at this work from all angles, and things are always changing. PEARLS helps us connect with each other to share important themes, updates, learning opportunities and inspiration from the system. 

PEARLS is an acronym and a structure for our monthly newsletter. In our newsletter you will find the following sections:


Ponder ideas with us and share your perspective!


Evaluate and explore new tools, templates, and best practices chosen to help accelerate your Community Well-Being work. 


Anticipate upcoming webinars, events, tools and presentations designed to help us succeed in implementing community well-being.


Check out our reading list! We often share books focused around leadership and strategy. 


Tune in with Shelly Trumbo, VP of Community Well-Being, as she shares the lessons she’s learned from our work, and challenges us to apply these lessons in our communities. See all posts here!


A rising tide lifts all boats. For us, the tide that continues to lift up this work are the Community Integration Leads across the system. We love to share what our colleagues are doing in their communities, to learn and get inspired.

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Gaining Back Time

Gaining Back Time04Min ReadBy Shelly TrumboFebruary 01, 2022It is an annual ritual to look back over time’s shoulder as the year comes to a close, while simultaneously squinting your eyes into the year ahead. This is an important ritual for me because when I pause to...

Leading With Well-Being

Leading with Well-BeingA Candid Conversation with Melanie Cumbee, Associate Well-Being Administrative Director08Min ReadBy Shelly TrumboApril 29, 2021When Adventist Health established the Well-Being Division to expand beyond community well-being and include individual...

The Tension and the Bend

The Tension and the Bend07Min ReadBy Shelly Trumbo March 04, 2021"Leadership is not a responsibility – nobody has to lead. It’s a gift, shining silver, that reminds people huddled nearby why each shimmering moment matters… things change when you care enough to grab...

The Capacity to Lead

By: Shelly Trumbo 7 min read   This year I committed to the practice of blocking out at least 3-5 hours in my calendar every week to focus, to write – to think. And now, here I sit, at 7:00 am on a Wednesday – fingers hovered over a keyboard attempting to put...

To Lead or To Follow?

By: Shelly Trumbo 5 minute read 2020 has been a year we are not likely to forget for a long time. This year has brought devastating impacts—the coronavirus pandemic, record wildfires in our own backyard, nationwide protests for social justice, and a tense election...