Leading Change 

Harvard Management Mentor

Learning & Organizational Development has partnered with Harvard ManageMentor to provide you access to leadership development courses to build your skills and help you grow as a strong leader. In each topic, you will find useful tools, engaging videos, and best-in-class content that will help you take your learning experience from the desktop to on-the-job.

Change Management

Learn how to navigate change and turn uncertainty into opportunity.

Process Improvement

Ensure you and your team are at your most productive by understanding the processing you are part of and redesigning them to enhance performance.

Project Management

Achieve strategic goals, ensure timely completion of tasks and build an effective project team.

Persuading Others

Learning the art and science of effective persuasion to build trust, establish strong relationships and improve effectiveness.

Performance Measurement

Gives you a way to gauge progress against goals. Learn to set targets, collect and analyze data and use measurements to better manage performance.

Meeting Management

Plan and manage meetings that use everyone’s time effectively. Learn how to create an agenda, keep people on point, and cement expectations.

Innovation and creativity

Learn how to unleash your creativity, overcome barriers to innovation, take smart risks and collaborate with others for continuous improvement.