Government Relations

Adventist Health Government Relations


Adventist Health Government Relations works to create an effective advocacy system that leverages the assets of the whole system to help achieve our vision and mission.

Main Objectives

  • Promote Legislation
  • Form Policy
  • Develop Relationships

Community Integration & Government Relations

The goal of the CI Lead is to foster relationships with local elected officials and to serve as the liaison between the hospital and the Director of Government Relations.

Please see the Community Integration Government Relations Toolkit for more information.

2020’s Advocacy Priorities

Pursuing Whole Person/Community Health

Ensuring Access and Affordable Coverage for Rural and Underserved Communities

Pursuing Economic Development of
Our Communities

Preventative Health
Behavioral Health
Social Determinants of Health (Housing, Food Security, Transportation, etc.)

Payment Innovation/Delivery Reform
Fair and Adequate Medicaid Payments
Support RHC’s

Workforce Development