Community Well-Being System

System: “A set of things working together”

In order to achieve a repeatable and sustainable community transformation model, a system of processes and tools are vital for success. The Community Well-being System’s suite of guiding principles includes our Theory of Impact and Process Roadmap

Our Theory of Impact is to build a well-being coalition, develop community leadership, advocate for policy change, encourage healthy lifestyles and provide the social determinants of health initiatives to support those changes. These are the ripples that we believe influence change.

Using these assumptions as a baseline, our eight-step methodology known as the Process Roadmap is our approach to community transformation. 


The Process Roadmap, an eight-step methodology towards community transformation, encompasses the expertise, instruction, guidance and tools needed to successfully move your work forward. The inner “gears” within the Process Roadmap, Communication and Evaluation, occur simultaneously throughout the process.


How we define well-being.

In this step you will...

Learn and glean from the Community Well-being System including the Theory of Impact and Measurement Framework. Understanding our philosophy helps reach our Measurement Framework goal. The Measurement Framework consists of three master metrics: 

  • Well-being of People 
  • Well-being of Places 
  • Equity
  • Measurement Framework (coming soon)
  • Intro to Community Well-being System Presentation (coming soon)


Gathering a Well-Being Site Team.

In this step you will...

Structure and organize a Well-Being Site Team. In order to get started on transforming your community, you must first convene a team of individuals who are dedicated to the work. We believe a great community coalition consists of passionate and committed leaders who follow a meeting ecosystem.

  • Meeting Ecosystem Check-list (coming soon)    
  • Facilitation Agenda (coming soon)  
  • Facilitation Tips (coming soon)


Completing your community’s Asset Mapping Template.

In this step you will...

Assessing the current state of your community. The best way to serve your community is to understand them: What are their greatest needs? Are there any existing programs that address their needs? What do they hope their community will become? Analyzing your Community Health Needs Assessment and priority areas are some of the first tasks in this step.



Completing your annual internal Operations Plan.

In this step you will...

Organizing your work by completing the Operations Plan template. The Operations Plan is an annual internal plan used to order the work of Community Well-being. The skills needed to achieve successful community transformation are found in six core competencies: 

  • Leadership and Governance 
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Finance 
  • Communication 
  • Strategy and Evaluation 
  • Signature Projects 

Each core competency emcompasses relative tools and resources to help you succeed. Learn more about the Operations Model, the Operations Plan template, and the six core competencies here.


Piloting interventions and processes.

In this step you will...

Execute your Operations Plan, utilizing the System Data Tracker, and filtering each initiative through the Logic Model. In addition to these tasks, you will learn how to innovate, build, and launch a project or initiative.



Strategically engaging with community and external stakeholders.

In this step you will...

Intentionally engaging with your community and external stakeholders. A successful implementation, initiative, or project will involve active listening and receiving feedback from the community and external stakeholders.

  • Stakeholder Analysis (coming soon) 
  • Community Engagement Check-list (coming soon)


Assess the impact of your initiatives and projects through the Logic model and Measurement Framework.

In this step you will...

Evaluating the impact and success of your implementations, initiatives, and projects through the Logic Model and Measurement Framework. This involves testing and examining your initiative against our master metrics: Well-being of People, Well-being of Places, and Equity.

  • Project-Specific Dashboard (coming soon) 



In this step you will...

Planning next steps for scaling your initiative and refining it into a Signature Project. A Signature Project, otherwise known as a promising practice, are projects with established infrastructure, governance, and sustainability that are designed to be utilized by other sites.

  • Signature Project Identification and Codification Template (coming soon) 
  • Signature Project Toolkit (coming soon)