Community Well-Being

Community Well-Being reaches beyond the walls of a hospital to build and sustain a community’s quality of life. Through strategically investing our community benefit resources, we collaborate and partner to design, leverage and demonstrate evidence-based solutions that transform the well-being of people, well-being of places and equity.

I'm Laura Jean and I am the Face of Homelessness

As stewards of God’s love, we are called to see beyond the image–to see people who are hurting, people in need of hope.

We Are Storytellers

Stories are powerful. They connect us to one another, and create community by helping us see the world through another’s eyes. We want to hear these stories, and what’s more–we want to share them!


PEARLS helps us connect with each other to share important themes, updates, learning opportunities and inspiration from the system. 

Welcome to Adventist Health’s
Community Well-Being Portal

Community Well-Being functions as one branch of Adventist Health’s Well-Being Division, which also includes Individual Well-Being and Organizational Well-Being. As a Community Well-Being team, we work to test evidence-informed solutions that impact equity through Community Benefit Solutions, Equity Solutions and Blue Zones Projects.

Blue Zones

We’ve partnered with Blue Zones, an innovative leader in improving the health of entire cities and communities!
Together, we are paving the way toward community transformation, by helping people live longer, better.

The Pioneer Project

Throughout our system of 23 hospitals, our communities are facing challenges with mental health, access to care, substance misuse and so much more. To support these communities, we’ve implemented an eight-step process to provide a solution for transformation. This is the Pioneer Project.

Living God’s Love through the  COVID-19 Pandemic